I found Coyle Consulting to be very Professional. They were able to identify what I was looking for and where I wanted my career to go. Throughout the recruitment process the service I received was outstanding. They are a very proactive team and truly believe in finding the right role that fits you. I would happily recommend working with Coyle Consulting.

The team at Coyle Consulting have been so wonderful to work with throughout my contract at Google. This was my first contracting experience, so I was quite nervous to move from a permanent role to a contract position. However, from Molly's initial reach out to now, I always felt supported and knew that the contract position was a great way to gain experience in a new field. The team was always quick to respond to any queries or requests and I was continually impressed by their professionalism and systems in place. After 10 months as a contractor I accepted a permanent role at Google, which is a direct result of taking the chance on being a contractor. I'm so grateful to Coyle Consulting for the opportunity that they gave me and would absolutely recommend them to any peers or colleagues.

I highly recommend working with Coyle Consulting! I have worked with Molly and Kay for the past year and couldn’t speak any higher of them. They have been extremely efficient, professional and proactive. Never would I have imagined being given the opportunity to work at a company like Google - so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. They truly have opened so many doors for me and the experience and connections I’ve gained at Google is immeasurable. If anyone has any hesitations for taking on a contract with Coyle Consulting - don’t, just take the plunge and you will not regret it! You’ll be well looked after and you’ll be given amazing opportunities that drive your career forward.  

If I was ever looking for work through an agency again (perm or temp) I would never even consider another agency other than Coyle Consulting. I have never once felt like a member of an extended workforce. Your processes are exemplary, efficient and during these tough times, have been exceptionally considerate, everything since my first day ran super smoothly.  

With so many people telling me I would find it impossible to get a 9 - 5 recruitment job closer to home, Miriam Finnegan stepped right up to the mark and approached me about a role which I knew was perfect to me. I first met Miriam several years ago and she is as professional as she is efficient and friendly. I am now with a great team and very successful office, along with the benefit of having no commute to the city-centre, and shortened hours. Miriam is on the ball and really helped me to land on my feet following my 2nd maternity. Highly recommended for any recruiters looking at potential moves. Louise Morrissey

Celtic Careers

Miriam Finnegan kept me informed on current vacancies for a number of years until I decided that the time was right to move. She then helped me to identify suitable opportunities and arranged immediate interviews with these clients. Throughout the entire process she was professional and accessible to the point that one of the clients told me that she had represented me very well as I left the interview. I am happy to recommend her services.   Wes O Brien


I had the opportunity to work with Miriam as a candidate when I was looking for a job. During all the process, she was extremely professional and helpful. Was a pleasure to work with her. Therefore, I highly recommend her because I believe she would be a perfect asset for any company that is looking for a professional agency to work with. Tania Perez


We in IT Alliance have worked with Coyle Consulting over the past number of years to support us in our recruitment of In House Recruiters and Sales people.  I have worked directly with Miriam and she has delivered on our requirements.  She has been able to source candidates in a very difficult market place and we have recruited a number of key candidates to support our Resourcing Business. Miriam is a pleasure to work with – “she get it” – she has taken the time and interest to understand and know our business and our culture. As a result of this the candidates that she has provided to us fit the requirement and have worked out very well in our team. Miriam is professional and is always available to take a call or answer an email so having someone who is accessible and gets it really does support our needs. Dara Mullen

Director of People and Talent, IT Alliance

We highly recommending Coyle Consulting. They went above and beyond to deliver a first class service to help us recruit into our organization. They were significantly ahead of the other industry leading recruitment companies we engaged with. Miriam took the time to understand who we are and was able to listen to what we wanted and needed. The other companies failed miserably. We initially set out to hire a recruiter team lead. We ended up hiring a recommendation from Miriam. Which has provided us with significantly more value. In a very short period of time she understood our business and culture and knew what could add value to our startup operation in Europe. It was a very easy enjoyable experience. Miriam made herself available all through the process and even took a call at 10:30pm to keep the process on track. Coyle consulting will be our go to company for any future recruitment needs. Dean Molloy

VP Client Services Europe, Validant Resourcing

Recruiting a Recruiter is often one of the most challenging hires to make.  Finding a candidate who is interested in your positon for the right reasons, and has the right skill set and track record is not easy.  As a hiring manager I have used Coyle Consulting twice, once in my previous role, and again more recently.  On each occasion, when other agencies have struggled, Coyle have presented strong candidates that we have hired and have been successful.  The hiring process from first interview to offer has been well managed and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Coyle again.  They understand our market and they are a trusted partner. Shaun Brown

Resourcing Manager, Fujitsu